The Testing laboratory consists of two laboratories: soil science and analytical. Physical and physical-mechanical tests of soils are carried out in the soil science laboratory. Physical tests of soils include the definition of such indicators as:
  • The natural moisture content of soils;
  • Density;
  • Density of soil particles;
  • The density of dry soil;
  • Yield humidity limits;
  • Rolling humidity limits;
  • Number of plasticity;
  • Porosity;
  • Porosity ratio;
  • Degree of water saturation;
  • The turnover rate;
Physical and mechanical properties of soils include the definition of:
  • Granulometric (grain) soil composition;
  • Characteristics of subsidence of the soil by the method of compression;
  • Resistance to single-plane soil shear;
  • Swelling and shrinkage;
  • Filtration coefficient of sandy and clay soils.
In the soil science laboratory conducted a study of the corrosion activity of soils and groundwater in relation to concrete, steel and other materials.