LLP "Complex Test Center" along with the engineering-geological surveys, conducts soil testing by static sensing, which allows you to get the most accurate data on the geological structure of the construction site. In the case of engineering-geological surveys for pile foundations static sensing becomes the main method. Static sensing solves engineering-geological problems associated with the identification of the geological section of the studied site (determination of the boundaries of the distribution of various layers, assessment of their type, state, spatial variability). For design engineers, static sensing provides quantitative data to calculate the bearing capacity of foundations (especially piles). Tests are made on the high-precision equipment "TEST-K2M" of production of JSC Geotest and the A. P. van den Berg company (the Netherlands)

The composition of the survey works carried out by us include:field studies of soil by static seismic and dynamic sensing (CPT, CPT, SCPT, SPT).