The method focused on obtaining data about the condition of the soil with the aim of identifying exposure to aqueous or atmospheric erosion. An important element of the study is the identification of possible waterlogging, flooding, pollution and other impacts of human activity. Soil surveys, taking into account the division of the region by land cover, provide for the mandatory preparation of an erosion map. It displays the types, subtypes of rocks, their location, mechanical composition and other characteristics of the soil (25 parameters).

The main and most accessible for comprehensive soil monitoring are:
1. Salinity (determined by the percentage of salts and their type).
2. The percentage of volume saturation of the soil.
3. Stony area with dimensions of 5 centimeters or more.
4. Contamination with toxic products, readily available heavy metals, petroleum products and radioactive elements.
5. Level of water and atmospheric erosion.

Виды изысканий почвы

Исследования грунтов проходят в три этапа:
  • Анализируется земельный покровы, выбранного конкретного участка, производиться отбор экспериментальных проб.
  • Далее грунт исследуется с непосредственным испытанием образцов в специализированной лаборатории.
  • Осуществляется систематизация результатов опробования и оформление необходимых документов для заказчика.

Почвенные изыскания, включая химические, радиологические, агрохимические, бактериологические и прочие в рамках инженерно-геологических исследований, являются предопределяющими и упреждающими финансовые издержки организации – заказчика.
Таким образом, составленный технический отчёт содержит полную информацию, отражающую потенциальный объект под строительство.

Cost factors

To order a complex of research works, in all cases, it is advisable in an organization with production facilities, engineering personnel and a competent contingent of the lower level. Soil surveys are carried out for the purpose of environmental justification of a particular economic activity and to prevent negative social and economic consequences. The cost of the survey depends on the customer's task and includes a specific assessment of soils, underground, surface sources, bottom sediments, vegetation. This monitoring of physical impacts, magnetic radiation, noise, radiation levels, sanitary, epidemiological status of a given area. 

The price of research consists, for example, of the number of main soil sections, the number of tests of calibration samples, the average depth from which samples are taken.

The total cost estimate is based on the technical task and the customer's program. The work is carried out in compliance with regulatory documents, environmental and sanitary requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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